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Birmingham Open 2018


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Kata Competition

12th Kyu - 7th Kyu

1st Mollie Noble

2nd Bonner Smith

3rd Finley Simon


6th Kyu - 4th Kyu

1st Harrison Parr-Ozols

2nd Chris Hurst

3rd Emily Guy


3rd Kyu - 2nd Kyu

1st Madison Ellis

2nd Matthew Richards

3rd Hayley Roberts


1st Kyu & Black Belts

1st Mollie Richards

2nd Owen Shann

3rd Darren Lamb


Pairs Kata

Beginner to 4th Kyu

1st Bonner Smith & Lewis Chandler

2nd Ailiah Lyons & Mollie Noble


Brown & Black Belts

1st Madison Ellis & Matthew Richards

2nd Millie McQuillan & Dakota Richardson

3rd Oliver Anslow & Charlie Read-Simpson


Team Kata

1st Millie McQuillan & Dakota Richardson & Madison Ellis

2nd Hayley Roberts & Darren Lamb & Owen Shann

3rd Joseph Czajkowski & Freya Rose & Johnson Chen


Individual Kumite

Boys under 15's   Group 1

1st Ashton Richardson

2nd Lewis Chandler

3rd Bonner Smith


Boys under 15's Group 2

1st Harrison Parr-Ozols

2nd Max Gill

3rd William Pentegrast

Boys under 15's Group 3

1st Oliver Anslow

2nd Matthew Richards

3rd Charlie Read-Simpson


Girls under 15's

1st Dakota Richardson

2nd Ailiah Lyons

3rd Molly Noble


Cadets Female 15-17yrs

1st Hayley Roberts

2nd Lauren Toland

3rd Mollie Richards


Mens Kumite

1st Darren Lamb

2nd Tyler Moore

3rd Owen Shann

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