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Clayton Murrain's Karate Profile


Clayton Murrain started Karate in 1969 at the Temple Karate Centre in Birmingham with his friend

Clive Henry. They joined the Temple as it was one of the largest clubs in Birmingham at the time.

It started with Clayton training at Digbeth Civic Hall (another venue for the Temple) on a Sunday

morning for 2 Hours with Ken Dicks. His instructors at The Temple Karate were Toru Takamizawa,

Sakagami, Ken Dicks and John Hopkins.


Clayton began to compete when he reached Green Belt. 

He won numerous individual and team Championships with the Temple.

The Temple Karate were one of the most successful Karate Teams of the 1970's and during this

Golden Era of Karate the team consisted of Clayton Murrain, Eddie Cox, Fred Rose, Eugene

Codrington, Joe Kissane, Josh Johnson and Al Knight. Still to this day the Temple is held in high

regard by all those who are in the know about Karate, especially those who practice Wado-ryu Style



Clayton started teaching Karate in The Temple about 1975 and he has been teaching Karate for over

40 Years. He went into teaching Karate after retiring from a successful career in fighting and

decided to go into coaching to pass on his knowledge, collected as a member of the

Temple Karate Club. On retirement Clayton took over the management and running of Temple

 Karate Squad which was very successful featuring many World Champions and European

Champions in Semi-contact and Kickboxing.

Clayton has been very successful at producing many National and International Champions in

Traditional Wado-ryu, Sport Karate and Kickboxing.


In 1980 Clayton decided to create the new association.


The Temple Team (Clayton picture on the far right)                                                                Eugene Codrington, Clayton & Joe Kissane


Clayton & Eugene                                                                                                    Toru & Clayton


Clayton's Instructor Toru pictured on the right.


Clayton Pictured bottom right.


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