Murrain Sports has been a martial arts equipment supplier, Martial Arts Retailer & martial arts clothing manufacturer since 1981 and has become an International Brand Name martial arts supplier that stands for quality and reliability.


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As a martial arts supplier we specialise in customised Martial Arts Suits which can be adapted to the colours and designs you require. Our Customised Martial Arts, Kung Fu clothing, Karate Equipment, Kickboxing Equipment, Martial Arts Equipment and our Customised Karate Suits are manufactured to the highest standard and amongst our customers you will find many World + European Champions and also the Film Industry.


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Being the quality martial arts manufacturer, martial arts retailer & martial arts supplier that we are, we have in our martial arts equipment a range of kickboxing equipment, martial arts equipment and karate equipment from this well respected martial arts supplier. For more than 30 years Murrain Sports has been a martial arts supplier. It has taken dedication and hard work to our craft, to become a well respected martial arts supplier.

Being a martial arts supplier, martial arts retailer and martial arts clothing manufacturer over the years we have designed  for many clubs and associations, martial arts equipment (karate equipment & kickboxing equipment), martial arts suits customised, karate suits customised in numerous designs and choices to suit their club or association colours this has made our karate suits something to be desired. We make excellent customised karate suits that are not only high quality but also incredibly durable. Our customised karate suits are not only for clubs and associations but also available for valued customer looking for customised karate suit of their choice.

For more than 30 years Murrain Sports has been a martial arts clothing manufacturer and martial arts supplier. During this time we have been manufacturing Karate suits and Kung fu clothing. As a martial arts clothing manufacturer we make martial arts suits to the very highest standard. As a martial arts clothing manufacture we go to great lengths to make sure our clothing is top quality. Our mandarin suits which are part of our Kung Fu clothing were worn in a popular British spy film. The film makers came across our Kung Fu clothing and decided that our mandarin suits were ideal kung fu clothing for their film. Our Kung Fu clothing is not just for the film industry but for all customers wanting to have high quality Kung Fu clothing that will stand up to competitive training.

We have a full selection of martial arts equipment, karate equipment and kickboxing equipment. The kickboxing equipment we have ranges from focus pads to training shields. We know kickboxing equipment is important to Kick boxers and our quality products reflect just that. We make kickboxing trousers which are quickly becoming popular kickboxing equipment.

As a martial arts supplier and martial arts clothing manufacturer we have made a name for ourselves with our high quality customised martial arts suits and martial arts equipment. We have been making customised martial arts suits for over 30 years. Our customised martial arts suits have been used in a popular British spy movie. Right from the beginning we have made martial arts customised suits for customers wanting high quality suits designed for them.

Murrain Sports has been a Martial Arts Manufacturer & Martial Arts Supplier for more than 30 years and being a recognised Martial Arts Supplier of Customised Karate Suits, Customised Martial Arts Suits, Martial Arts Clothing, Karate Suits, Kung Fu Clothing, Martial Arts Equipment, Karate Equipment and Kickboxing Equipment.


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