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Open Championship Feb 2020


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Gabriela Izquierdo
Bronze Ind Kumite

Laura Connelly
Gold Rotation Senior Ladies (Hayley)

Hayley Roberts
Gold Rotation Ladies Senior
Silver Mixed Team Kumite (Adam/Mark)

Julie Shaw
Bronze Vets Kata Female 3rd kyu and above

Michelle Cooper
Silver Vets Kata novices to 4th kyu

Amelia McQuillan
Silver Girls Team Rotation (Dakota/Katie)

Mark Wood
Gold Veterans Sanbon Kumite
Silver Mixed Team Kumite (Adam/Hayley)

Luisa Izquierdo
Silver Team Kumite

Dakota Richardson
Bronze Mixed Team (Ashton)
Silver Girls Team Rotation (Amelia/Katie)

Ashton Richardson
Bronze Mixed Team (Dakota)

Hannah Cardew
Bronze Ind Kumite

Katie Watler
Bronze Ippon Kumite
Bronze Sanbon Kumite
Gold Mixed Team Kumite (James/Harrison)
Silver Girls Team Rotation (Dakota/Amelia)

James Pearce
Gold Mixed Team (Harrison/Katie)

Finley Emmins
Bronze Adapted Kata

Madeline Thompson
Silver Adapted Kata

Adam Robert's
Bronze Veterans Sanbon Kumite
Silver Mixed Team Kumite (Hayley/Mark)


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