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Winter Camp 2017 Kata Competition


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Individual Kata

Beginner to Orange
1st Nikkita Hemming
2nd Callum Hemming
3rd Francis Brown

Green to Blue
1st Brooke Baker
2nd Samantha Hemming
3rd Julie Shaw

Purple to Brown
1st Hayley Roberts
2nd Aimee Emmins
3rd James Pearce

Brown Belts
1st Madison Ellis
2nd Matt Richards
3rd Katie Watler

Black Belt
1st Molly Richards
2nd Neil Hamilton
3rd Nathan Ford

Pairs Kata

Beginners to Orange
1st Nikkita Hemming & Callum Hemming
2nd Thomas Hall & Francis Brown
3rd Luisa Izquierdo & Darcey Roach

Green to Purple
1st James Pearce & Darren Pearce
2nd Brooke Baker & Aimee Emmins
3rd Chloe Yule & Julie Shaw

Brown & Black Belts
1st Deradie Harding & Neil Hamilton
2nd Amelia McQuillan & Dakota Richardson
3rd Katie Watler & Charlie Read-Simpson

Team Kata

Beginners to Green
1st Luisa Izquierdo, Nikkita Hemming & Samuel Fisher
2nd Thomas Hall, Callum Hemming & Francis Brown

Green to Purple
1st Brooke Baker, Hayley Roberts & Aimee Emmins
2nd Chloe Yule, Ella Roach & Jack Durrans
3rd Julie Shaw, James Pearce & Darren Pearce

Black Belt
1st Molly Richards, Nathan Ford & Barry Ford
2nd Adam Shaw, Finlay Lewis & Robert Lewis
3rd Lauren Toland, Claire Peirson & Neil Hamilton


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